Fitness Friday (I’m Not a Writer but I Sometimes Take Gym Selfies)

I have been asked to drop by MaryKatherine’s corner of the internet on Fridays to impart some fitness knowledge. And by knowledge I mean: I’m just a normal girl who has a passion for health. I’m not a certified anything and I have no fancy degrees in anything fitness related (Education Major GATA Eagles). I’m just hoping to share what works for me. Stuff I like/dislike, some good eating, workouts, and how to stay motivated when you also have to be a mom and a wife and, you know, just deal with life!

Like I said, I’m just a girl who has always been active (except that time when I was pregnant and on bed rest) and I feel like I’m at my best after I’ve killed it on a run or a great workout. I understand the struggle to find time for you when you are a mom (two boys, ages 4 & 2).

I understand being 278lbs and all of a sudden walking up the stairs at your house is a struggle (also known as: bed rest and pregnancy and post-baby perfect fat storm).  I get that it’s hard to eat healthy on a tight budget.

So if that sounds like something you’d like to read about make sure to come by on Fridays! If not just come back on Monday and Wednesday for more from MaryKatherine (she is an excellent writer!).


If you are still reading then let’s get October going! We are just starting October so it’s a perfect time to jot some goals down for the month. Like, actually get a piece of paper, write them down, and put them where you will see them (first born here- kind of bossy). I will do some posts later on how to make good goals, but for now just think about what you would like to see happen this month.  Be real with yourself, you wanna set yourself up to succeed!

My goals for October are:

October goals


Please remember everyone is at a different stage of life and a different place in their fitness journey! So let’s be nice and help everyone reach those goals!
Leave a comment let me know what you are working towards this month. I love seeing change happen!



 My disclaimer: I am not a professional/expert anything. These posts are just me sharing cool fitness stuff with you because I like fitness. Please consult a doctor or dietitian before starting anything.

4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday (I’m Not a Writer but I Sometimes Take Gym Selfies)

  1. just started swim class at Y. Biggest goal is making sure I show up for class x 3 weekly..looking forward to yummy fall recipes. Checking in with you each Friday may help keep me accountable!


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