Fitness Fridays (Until Next Time, October)

The most talented Katherine told y’all about the curse that is October for our family- you can read about it  here. I not only believe in that curse but make no major decisions or plan anything of importance for this month! So holla, it is over! With October said and done at the end of today, (it went by super fast), let’s check in on how those goals went.

I made some goals that weren’t related to numbers. I did that on purpose because sometimes I feel like my whole life is ruled by numbers- the scale and the carbs and the proteins and the calories and the weights at the gym and the number on my pants…. Sometimes a girl just needs a break from all the numbers. Numbers are making a comeback in November for me, because summer bodies are made in the winter! Ok, I think we were suppose to actually evaluate our goals in this post, so let’s do that.

Mine were:

No late night eating

Staying on track on the weekends.

Ohhhh eating after the kids go to bed… why are you such a hard habit to break? I would say I was not 100% on point with this. BUT, finally ,I was like uhh, why not PLAN your last meal for after the kids bedtime. DUH, problem solved! So instead of being like hey, bag of popcorn, or candy corn pumpkins….. I mean, I would never eat those…  wait, but I did!! Also, the thing about me is I eat the same thing for awhile cause I’m all: this is AMAZING!  …and then I get tired of it. So right now I am on a this protein- mixed-with-yogurt mixture is AMAZING trip.

protein icecream

Here is it from this summer, sorry no recent picture I keep eating it before I remember to take a picture. So this summer I would mix vanilla Greek yogurt and cookies and cream protein powder together. Stick that in the freezer for a while and eat it like ice cream. I would keep the yogurt to protein ratio lower (less yogurt) to make it thicker. On to now, I am mixing vanilla Greek yogurt and COR-Fetti Cake Batter protein. I am using a higher yogurt to protein ratio (more yogurt) so it is like cake batter! It is just amazing! I use Cellucor protein powders and buy them off

 As a side note, neither nor Cellucor give me anything for free. Well, if you exclude the free samples sends you,  I use them cause I like them. Also and Cellucor feel free to send me free stuff I would not mind it though.

Now, on to the weekends. I would say that goal was successful! I planned out what I was going to have and stuck to it! It also helped that I got everyone else obsessed with my new favorite football food, buffalo cauliflower.  So during football games this was my snack! I will do a whole post on my recipe soon. But in full honesty go to Pinterest, you know you can find one there. (Albeit it will not be as good as mine but it will work until I put mine up.)

 Now, on to November goals.  I have been playing around with my diet the last few weeks of October and think I have settled on some better numbers. I wanna lose some weight this month ( Thanksgiving is only one day) so I wanna see that scale number go down. That is my goal. To see that scale number go down. To keep myself accountable I will weigh in on Fridays ( you know, to stay on that Friday theme) and post it to my IG account fitnessfridays23.

First weigh-in went up today and I even got the husband to join. Now, he doesn’t IG…. so I guess I will let him use mine.  I would love for y’all to join me  with #holidaywarrior. I love when people come together with a good hashtag to support each other. If you do not feel comfortable posting your weight- don’t! There are no rules here, I just want you to take some steps to being a better you. You can take a picture of the scale each Friday keep it on your phone. Or hey, even old school it and write your weight down on an actual piece of paper. Maybe you are at your goal weight (that’s awesome, go you!!!). Still make sure you hashtag #holidaywarrior with any cool workouts or great food or anything you are doing to help yourself succeed with your goals!!

Helpful tricks for ya:

  • drink your water
  • eat your protein
  • move your body
  • track your food… all your food…

I’m really pumped up for this month!! I hope y’all are too!!!


 My disclaimer: I am not a professional/expert anything. These posts are just me sharing cool fitness stuff with you because I like fitness. Please consult a doctor or dietitian before starting anything.

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