FitnessFridays (Homemade Spaghettios…Sort Of)

While Pinteresting (just made that a verb) I came across this pin.  I was like too bad it’s not for beef-a-roni ’cause that stuff was amazing growing up, but spaghettios was a  close second.  It looked easy enough and the ingredients were all things I already use when cooking. so. I thought:  sure, I will give it a try.

Now, to be fair, I didn’t really have real high hopes for this remake. I grew up eating all the pastas in a can and they were, and still are, super delicious to me!  With the hopes of allowing my kids to savor Chef Boyardee without having to actually eat Chef Boyardee, it seemed like a win-win.  I did change the original recipe somewhat…because I have a hard time following directions.

I think that’s why I’m not that great of a baker.  Anyway, I will explain how I made it for you.  Again, before I get going, let me remind you that my blender is not even close to being the best, and it worked for this recipe. So the fact you are void of a ninja or vitimixer in your home shouldn’t deter you from trying this recipe.


Two cans of diced tomatoes (do NOT drain them)

Three carrots ( I used pretty big ones)

Two celery stalks

Pasta ( preferably Anelletti No. 56) *


Onion Powder

Parmesan Cheese
* I could not find the correct pasta at any store around me so I used some shaped like stars. They worked ok but were sort of too small. I would say if you can not find the nice “O” shaped ones use something along the lines of penne or macaroni.



Worse ingredient picture ever. One day I will get better at food pictures


Everything all chopped up and ready to cook


Mushy vegetables in my blender.


Looks great huh.. Really it was though.













1. Cut vegetables and place in pot with diced tomatoes. Boil until vegetables are soft enough for your blender to blend them. I had to cook mine for a while. I added water a few times to make sure nothing was going to stick to the pot.

2. Cook noodles according to package.

3. Once vegetables are soft put them in the blender. I added pepper and onion powder to taste at this point. I also added some water from where the vegetables had cooked to help my blender out.

4. Add water if you would like a thinner sauce. Mine really was fine so I did not add any more water.

5. Add sauce to cooked pasta and top with cheese.


The verdict:

No, it was not EXACTLY the same, but was it good, yes.  My kids ate it, which was a success in my book, and really what do they know… they had never had the original.  My trained pallet pallet, which grew up eating Chef Boyardee, had this opinion: this is a clever dish to get your kids to eat carrots.  It tasted good and was super fast and easy. I will make this again and probably add some Italian seasonings to it.

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Hope y’all have a great weekend,


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