A Day in the Life.

Here are four snippets from my day.

I’m super interesting. 

1. Rafferty

For those of you not in the know, Rafferty is my dog. He’s a mutt, but his pound papers said he was a collie-mix. He’s super fluffy and adorable. He has the following nicknames: Puffy, Fluffy, Fluffy Puffy, Fluff, HR Puff & Fluff, and Flufferty. And any variation of the words Rafferty, Fluffy, and Puffy that exist.

Rafferty is part of all my days and he is amazing. (Except the tumblefluffs that blow around the room when we turn on the ceiling fan. Those, I could live without.) Today was a tough day with Rafferty.

Let me explain.

Normally we buy Rafferty really good dog food from Tractor Supply. Like, sometimes I’m eating spaghettios (not the homemade kind, though, much more healthy) and he’s eating super pricey food. This never bothers me because I’m that annoying person who thinks of him as my child.

Sadly, for the past two weeks, we have been feeding Rafferty Kibbles&Bits due to reasons outside our control and we have only recently switched him back. Read: We couldn’t find his normal food.

I can’t say for sure that Kibbles&Bits caused Rafferty to get a debilitating rash on and surrounding his… private area… but the food change is the only change he’s encountered. Guys, he has a terrible rash. Such an awful rash that we had to borrow a doughnut (Donut? NOT the food. Sadly. Moreover, I would never borrow a doughnut, the food, because I would not return that.) from my mom so that he can’t chew or scratch at the area affected by the rash. He also can’t walk very well because of the location of the rash. Cue the crying.

Rafferty has never before had skin irritations and watching him suffer and wear this doughnut has been awful. I don’t have kids THANK GOD but I can’t imagine the pain that parents go through when their children are hurt because it’s borderline impossible for me to watch my PuffyFluffy experience discomfort like this.


Here is Rafferty, looking pitiful, propped up                          on a pillow.

2. Grocery Shopping… ONLY.

We recently instated a new, updated, and more strict budget so that we can no longer get down to $4 before payday. YAY. To be fair, we have had some extra expenses the past couple of months that are not normal.

I was actually super excited to bank some money again at the end of the month. However. I had forgotten how restrictive a budget can be when all these tasty treats are on sale and they are not on the grocery list and don’t fit your budget. (And also they have 2984984 calories per serving.) 

Also, I have a very hard time of not spending money on silly necessary extra trinkets right when I get paid. That’s why I am a very strong proponent of not activating 1-click shopping, anywhere, at all, for anything. But I still want to buy all the things on all the websites.

Today has been filled with many scrolls through Etsy (while constantly glancing at Rafferty to make sure he’s okay) and many items added to my shopping cart that I did not buy. Yet. No, I won’t buy them. Also, totally unrelated, Express is having a huge sale. Just saying. Not that I checked their website.

3. Bills, Bills, Bills

Not Destiny’s Child style, though. Also luckily not anything to do with Charter Communications because Charter Communications is the worst company on the entire planet.

What it really is: I keep getting a bill from our power provider that I owe them a whole bunch of smackeroos for our old apartment account. I let one billing cycle go through, because obviously it will be corrected, right, and then WHAM! The new bill still has the fees on it. I finally bit the bullet (if you’re not introverted, you have no idea what I mean by that, but I hate calling people on the phone) and called and then went through exactly 14 menus with a robot voice, none of which had the option to choose that I just had a question about my bill.

I did what any sane person would do and pressed 0 over and over and over and finally got connected to a person. I’m sure her initial thought was: it’s Saturday night and you’re calling about your bill? YES, I AM.

Then, naturally, I had to verify who I was, our address, my blood type, my shoe size, etc. and she could finally assist me. Hey lady. Maybe I have plans and this took up all my getting ready time. Maybe you could, oh, I don’t know, not make it the hardest thing on the planet for me to ask one question.

Turns out, we don’t owe all the dinero and that was a relief.

4. Watch Alabama Football.

It’s game time. And one set of tigers just lost. Let’s make it two.

Roll Tide.


3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life.

    • Thank you! Me too! He’s sleeping right now with his head resting on the doughnut…
      I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted as I am sure they want to be extremely involved in Rafferty’s life. 🙂


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