This Conversation Happened Today



I’ve been talking to FitnessFridays23 a lot lately about health and fitness and some great posts and ideas she has for y’all. Eating right and working out is a team effort, for me. I have a great team. They all are responsible for reminding me not to eat just because I’m emotional or bored or excited. (Like, I’m sad. I want some candy. Or, I’m so excited! Let’s go get some candy!) I have asked for help specifically with this and, although it pains me, am grateful when someone reminds me I might not want to eat ice cream just because I’m sad.

Disclaimer: If a woman hasn’t asked for your help, don’t tell her what she can and can’t eat. That’s how you get murdered. 

I thought I’d share a short, real-life conversation that occurred in my house today. #thestruggleisreal

To set the scene: Rafferty is doing better but is not all better. We have decided that a visit to the vet is necessary and have been trying to schedule one for as soon as possible / a time where one of us could actually take him to the vet. We work. So it’s difficult. This is the ending to a longer conversation in which we decided where to take him.

Me: So, I guess we will take him tomorrow at 5:15pm and see what they say.

The Boyfriend: Yeah. Don’t worry. He will be okay.

M: I know. Do we have any cake? Why didn’t we get some cake? Like a really big cake.

BF: What? No? Stress eating is a bad idea, right?

M: I’m pretty sure I put ‘big, giant cake’ on our grocery list. We didn’t get one?

BF: We did. But we left it in the car, and it melted. Now it’s just water.

I drank a glass of water, but it wasn’t the same. Okay. It wasn’t water. It was a glass of wine. But – it wasn’t cake.

On a positive note, my pants will still fit and FitnessFridays23 won’t give me super hard workouts this week to work off the cake. #holidaywarrior



PS: Roll Tide.


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