WriterWednesdays: Looking for Alaska

John Green is on everyone’s radar these days, and I love that. I read his books awhile before The Fault in Our Stars move-adaptation hit theaters. Not bragging. Just saying. Sidenote: Apparently they are making the book Paper Towns into a movie, too.

John Green is one of those authors whose books change your life. I wholeheartedly mean that. Not very many books have stayed with me the way his books do.

The following quotes come from Looking for Alaska.

Read it. Immediately.

John Green 2 John Green 3 John Green 4 JohnGreen1


2 thoughts on “WriterWednesdays: Looking for Alaska

  1. I loved The Fault With our Stars!! Cancer robs people of their dignity and yet, the victims of this horrible disease bravely show us their courage, love, and hope for their lives and ours. Can’t wait to read Looking for Alaska. I read a lot in the winter so it is my number one pick because I have not been disappointed yet. There is someone else that was never disappointed! 🙂 I have some books he saved to my I pad he bought me. Couldn’t read them last winter but will now. Love you!!


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