Fitness Fridays (Is it Time to Eat Yet?)

I love to workout out, sorry, but I’m that annoying person that really does, most of the time, LOVE working out!

I LOVE setting new lifting goals and then crushing them!
I LOVE finishing a run after I thought about quitting 100 times.
I LOVE finishing a run faster then I had the time before!
I LOVE seeing what my body can do and then making it do more!!
I LOVE when, in spin, Gina says: you know you should be doing more.. and I laugh and turn up the resistance.

I am a believer that you are one workout away from being in a better mood.  So, yea, sweating, lifting, spinning, and working out is not my Achilles heal when it comes to being healthy… It is the food! I have a million excuses as to why I should eat junk.

I will give you my  easiest reasons to not eat right via my brain:

1. I did not plan my meals; therefore, I should eat pizza.

2. I am so tired from taking care of kids all day that I cannot even heat up my meals; therefore, I should eat pizza.

3. I am bored of eating the same things; therefore, I should eat pizza.

4. One meal of pizza is not going to make me gain all 100lbs back; therefore, I should eat pizza. (Yes, this is true, BUT the reasoning to eat junk should not be because I will not gain 100lbs overnight.)

5.  I can run it off tomorrow; therefore, I should eat pizza.

6. I can eat less tomorrow; therefore, I should eat pizza.

7. It’s game day ,so, therefore, I should eat pizza.

To sum it up, I will try most days to figure out how to eat pizza and still hit my health goals. Sigh. If only that were possible. I am not going to say that I win every mental battle, because I do not. Usually, once a week, I have a whatever-I-want meal and shockingly, it is usually pizza.

Some days are long I am a stay-at-home-mom whose husband travels and eating pizza and/or Chinese food after a day of parenting a 2 and 4 year old just is easier.  But, hey, most things in life worth having aren’t easy.

So, I meal plan/prep.  Here is what a day looks like from my food book.

Disclaimer: I eat pretty much the same things all week with the exception of dinners. I will often put one day of food into MyFitnessPal  to make sure I am where I want to be.

Food Journal 2

Notice that Wednesday has dinner crossed out… Pizza happens. Also notice it was just dinner and did not throw my whole week off. 

Food Journal3

These days I was playing with carb numbers to see how many I could eat really. (No need to eat less if we do not have too.)

Food Journal

Also, I was told no one would be able to understand my crazy food abbreviations and horrible spelling. Probably true, but you get the idea.

My little journal is usually marked all up by the end of the week. Dinners change all the time with my husband’s schedule, or I think we will have leftovers and we do not, or the opposite happens and we have a lot of something left.  I plan everything, but I understand that it can and will probably change. The good thing is that when you plan all healthy things to eat you’re good when you have to change things around.

I normally plan all my food for the week on Sunday. I like to shop and get my lunches made on Sunday but sometimes that doesn’t happen until Monday.  I am at home, so I don’t usually prep my snacks. By prep, I mean I actually will make my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in advance.

I make snacks as needed.  I do not follow any type of “diet” really. What I eat aligns with my goals at that time.  I try to eat non-processed foods and I eat lean proteins and a lot of veggies.  The food budget at our house is TIGHT, and I can’t say : sorry, kids, y’all have no snacks but Momma has her lean bison. So I have become somewhat of a food prep wizard (sidenote: I think that Hogwarts should have sent me my letter for the task of meal planning on a budget, but, alas, they did not).

Anyway, I try to feed us dinners that we can all eat or I can at least eat parts of. For example, the other night I made turkey burgers for everyone for dinner. The boys had theirs on a bun with sweet potato fries. I had mine with no bun, lettuce, and fries. Same meal + different versions = less work for me.

Below are a few of my favorite places around the internet to find recipes that the whole family will eat.  What are some of y’alls go-to sites or meals?

The Gracious Pantry

  • I go here to find ways to  make all the recipe starter things from scratch like: cream of mushroom, taco seasoning, mac and cheese that is not from a box.

Love and Lemons

  • This is sort of a new find for me and I am obsessed with this site and doing a meatless meal once a week.

100 days of Real Food

  • I pull a lot of lunch ideas for the boys from here.

Also, I follow some GREAT Instagram accounts for food ideas.

Go follow me (fitnessfridays23) and then check out all the cool people I follow.





My disclaimer: I am not a professional/expert anything. These posts are just me sharing cool fitness stuff with you because I like fitness. Please consult a doctor or dietitian before starting anything.

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