MovieMondays: Now and Then

Everyone in the millennial generation loves the movie Now and Then. I don’t have any statistics or links to back that up. I just happen to believe that’s true.

Now and Then is one of those movies that you watch again as an adult and it still gets to you. My Girl is another movie like that. (Where are his glasses?! He can’t see without his glasses!) I have made the mistake of rewatching some childhood favorites once I got older only to be bitterly disappointed. Don’t watch Ferngully as an adult. Even with the rockin’ scene with the bat and the tape player, it’s not good anymore.

Now and Then though… yes, it passes the test of time. (Maybe that’s why it’s named Now and Then? Deep thoughts.)

now and then

Released: October 25, 1995

RottenTomatoes Score: 19% (THAT IS A CROCK OF MALARKEY.)

Let’s walk through some reasons why this is an excellent movie.

1. Devon Sawa It’s a Coming of Age Movie

I love coming of age movies and books. It’s a theme and a concept that every single person can relate to. No matter how or where you grew up, you did, eventually, have to become an adult. (I kept trying to fight it — you do have to become responsible or face the consequences of being irresponsible. There’s no other way.)

Now and Then starts with the adult Samantha stating that you can never go home again. When I was younger and watched this movie, I remember thinking that was so silly! I could always go home! But as an adult, you realize you really can’t ever go home again and have it be the same home it once was. Everything changes and you change. It’s not the same.

Samantha, Roberta, Teeny, and Chrissy all deal with growing up differently and face different demons. This coming of age movie tackles multiple issues: divorce, first loves, death, being judgmental, weight issues, inappropriate parenting techniques/behavior, gender identity issues… it goes on and on. I really appreciate how one script can help any type of person relate to the coming of age struggle.

2. Devon Sawa The Soundtrack is Stellar

The Now and Then soundtrack is one of the first CDs I owned. (The VERY first was Boyz II Men – great CD.) Not only did I repeat watch this movie as a child, I frequently threw the soundtrack into my cd player and jammed out.

I’m a firm believer (I guess most people are, though?) that the music can make the movie. Another great example of this is Across the Universe.  I tend to love movies that feature great 70’s songs, and this is definitely one of those movies.

 Another reason I think the music stuck with me from Now and Then is because the girls are singing and dancing and acting a fool. And I most certainly was doing that. I still remember some of the choreographed moves two friends and I made up in my basement to Britney Spear’s Lucky.

3. Devon Sawa I Related to ALL the Characters

I was chubby, I wasn’t very girly, my parents got divorced, and I liked cheesy love stories. I related to all the girls in this movie as a kid and as an adult, when I watch it again, I find I can relate to their adult versions.

I remember standing in my bedroom and yelling for my mom, asking if we had any duct tape. She responded, without any notion of what I was thinking, that I couldn’t duct tape my boobs. WHAT. How did she know? (I’m referencing the scene where Roberta does, in fact, duct tape her boobs.

4. Devon Sawa Okay… Devon Sawa

I mean, as a kid of the 90’s who didn’t love Devon Sawa and, most importantly, this scene. Seriously.


3 thoughts on “MovieMondays: Now and Then

  1. The big chill is another movie that the sound track helps make the movie. It’s not just back ground music it literally tells the story of the movie. Anyway yes this is a GREAT movie and I remember hearing this sound track being played at the house!

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