How To: Not Write a Blog Post

5 Easy Steps.

1. Put some time and effort into writing the previous day’s post, which will make you feel drained of all writing capacities. Discuss yesterday’s post for most of the day and then remember that you haven’t actually posted anything new today.

2. Decide to prepare for Black Friday, as a total novice. Make a separate trip to the grocery store to get the newspaper. Even though you already went to the grocery store that morning. Get home and start flipping through the ads. Realize you didn’t get the Black Friday paper. Cut out some coupons anyways, because, hey, you did go get the newspaper.


It says Black Friday on it. But it’s a lie.

 3. Clean out all the closets in your house. Not figuratively. Literally. Sidenote- we have accumulated about 57 pillows of all shapes and sizes. How? (They are all crammed in the closet in various nooks and crannies.)

4. Eat frozen Greek yogurt – chocolate mixed with key lime. Eat a giant bowl of it and tell yourself you didn’t eat that many calories and that FitnessFridays isn’t going to make you pay for eating junk food with a hard HITT workout.

Worth it.

Worth it.

5. Start watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix. (For the record, if you start watching this, you won’t accomplish much of anything, let alone a decent blog post.)

Happy Sunday.


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