MovieMondays: Father of the Bride

This movie… this movie still gets to me. I watched this movie A LOT when I was younger.

When I pictured my wedding (before I knew how much weddings really cost… uh, no…) this is what I thought of.

I just made the boyfriend sit down and watch this movie with me. Surprisingly, in the 90’s, when the movie came out, he never felt inclined to tune in. Boy, did he miss out! (I don’t think he hated it, per say, but I don’t anticipate he will watch it with me again.) I tried to hide that I cried a little when Annie called her dad from the airport, but I don’t think I did a very good job.


Released: January 1, 1991

Rotten Tomatoes: 73%


1. I Love Steve Martin’s Character

I just appreciate Steve Martin, for a lot of reasons. Especially as an adult, I have grown to appreciate his many talents.

…who doesn’t love that?

When I first started watching and rewatching Father of the Bride, my parents were still married and my dad was still around and I just really loved the movie because I thought Steve Martin (as George Banks) was hilarious. He is hilarious, by the way. Later on, after the divorce and the nastiness and all that, I watched the movie and thought: Who has a dad like that? Does anyone? I am in awe of George Banks.  I am in awe because he feels devastated that his daughter has decided to marry, and I can’t fathom or imagine what it’s like to have a dad that feels that way.

2. I  Also Love Diane Keaton

I’m not sure when my love of Diane Keaton first started. I have never seen her in a movie when I didn’t think – you go Diane Keaton! Diane Keaton as Nina Banks is typical Diane Keaton… maybe a little more calm than her other characters. She is the voice of reason for George and the family and she maintains a calm, soothing tone. (Even when George gets arrested for the hotdog bun incident in the grocery store, she calmly enters the jail and rationally handles the situation.)

I think Diane Keaton is a super classy lady, and I love and have always loved to watch her on screen.

3. That Wedding, Though.

As a kid, I didn’t have a solid grasp on how expensive things like weddings really are. So, when I watched the movie, I would imagine my wedding and my reception would be just like Annie’s wedding and reception. I especially loved the tent with the lights. See below.

(I also loved the wedding because the whole family works together, and I’m a sap for things like that.)

As an adult, when George freaks out about the cost of the whole shindig, I’m like holy s*** I would never pay that much for a wedding! But it’s still nice to watch.



I mean.. wowzers.




I also would be remiss to leave out Martin Short as Fraunk and this scene:



PS: I just found out, while writing this, that this movie is a remake of the 1950’s version! WHAT! Also, Elizabeth Taylor is in it! DOUBLE WHAT! Must watch.


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