National Blog Posting Month Blogroll

I know you will all be saddened that November has drawn to a close, and with it, National Blog Posting Month.

Posting everyday has been a challenge (mostly because I don’t have a laptop and use the boyfriend’s, which he is super awesome and shares with me).

I appreciate each and every one of you — for your support, your comments, and your likes.

to blog or not to blog   shoes3   Across the Universe           Hemingway   IMG_0923         sucks2    HaddonHall2    IMG_5186    analglands    Food Journal     512px-No_smoking_symbol.svg   Barbie_Logo   IMG_0169      12345   now and then  itaste      fob1991    drseussfromtheretohere   sp5   recite-30231--1177446132-1wxjmo5   gym selfie abby

 NaBloPoMo Blogroll

November 1: National Blog Posting Month # NaBloPoMo

November 2: How to Survive Wedding Season

November 3: MovieMondays: Across the Universe

November 4: Musings on Depression

November 5: WriterWednesdays: Ernest Hemingway 

November 6: The Cake Incident 

November 7: FitnessFridays: Homemade Spaghettios

November 8: A Day in the Life. 

November 9: This Conversation Happened Today

November 10: MovieMondays: St. Elmo’s Fire

November 11: Musings on How Some Adults Deserve a Big ***k You

November 12: WriterWednesdays: Looking for Alaska

November 13: How to Embarrass Yourself at the Vet

November 14: FitnessFridays: Is It Time to Eat Yet?

November 15: PSA: I’m Not a Quitter. Except for Smoking. I Did Quit That. 

November 16: Being a Quitter, Smoking Style: Part II 

November 17: MovieMondays: Now and Then

November 18: A Giveaway to Give Thanks!

November 19: WriterWednesdays: Roald Dahl

November 20: Open Response to: “I Still Live With My Parents and Love It.”

November 21: FitnessFridays: Protein Is What’s for Dinner

November 22: A Serious Question for Mothers Raising Daughters

November 23: How to Not Write a Blog Post

November 24: MovieMondays: Father of the Bride 

November 25: How to Attempt to Make Sweet Potato Chips

November 26: WriterWednesdays: Dr. Seuss 

November 27: 4 Things for Which I Am Thankful (That Won’t Make You Barf Up Your Turkey)

November 28: FitnessFridays: How I Fit in a Good Gym Selfie

November 29: Rammer Jammer

November 30: NaBloPoMo Blogroll


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