4 Things I’d Buy If I Could Buy Things

HOHOHO! It’s the season for giving! It’s also the season for shopping! I love to buy presents for other people. I think it’s because all year I stop myself from shopping and for the holidays I have a legitimate excuse to shop.

I didn’t participate in Black Friday this year. I have only ever participated once, last year, and it was a tiring experience. Now, when I say I didn’t participate, what I mean is I didn’t go and stand in lines at actual stores and I didn’t buy things off the internet. I did, however, repeatedly go to websites and put things in my shopping cart and then close the computer to stop myself from shopping… and then open the computer again and re-do that whole process.

I didn’t buy anything, though!

If I could buy the things, all the things, here are my Top 4 Things I’d Buy If I Could Buy Things.

1. A Decent Fitness Tracker

The tracker I currently use is this one: Nike+ Sportband and I don’t hate it. However, it only tracks your runs and walks. Nothing else. It doesn’t track the elliptical or jumping jacks or knee highs… just running. Since I’ve started to incorporate HITT workouts and lifting into my gym time, I really want a tracker that will keep up with all those things.

I would have a hard time choosing between these:

FitBit Flex                                       Jawbone UP24                                                 Garmin VivoFit

product_flex_blk          UP24_cart_onyx                       pd-05-lg

…Not that I’ve researched them, or anything. Also, I would rather have pink or gray.

2. A Laptop

Confession: I don’t have a laptop of my own. I currently use a Surface (first generation) with a Bluetooth keyboard and/or the boyfriend’s laptop for all my internet needs. It’s not so bad to share and using the surface for normal internet needs is only slightly frustrating. I know I’m lucky to have the tablet (which was a Cyber Monday purchase/steal from last year) and I know I’m lucky the boyfriend shares his electronics.

But, lately, I’ve found myself in need of my own laptop. I’m considering a Chromebook, because I don’t do anything online except write and surf the internet.

This is what I’m working with: surface

This is what I might want:             chromebook

Although there are multiple types and multiple makers and figuring out electronic purchases makes my head hurt.

3. Express Jeans

Ya’ll, Express had a pretty solid Black Friday sale going on and I didn’t order any new pairs of jeans. Even on sale, Express jeans are expensive (to me, at least) but they are the BEST jeans. I have struggled with finding jeans that don’t make me look smooshy, but don’t hit above my belly button, and also don’t make me look a mom. (No offense to the moms out there. I just don’t like mom jeans.)

I wandered into an Express store a few months ago while the boyfriend was away on a bachelor trip. I didn’t anticipate buying any clothes because I knew Express was expensive. But all jeans were 40% off that day! So I grabbed some and headed to the fitting room because, I told myself, I just wanted to see how they fit. I wasn’t going to buy any.

This teeny-tiny girl was working the fitting room and she was adorable and wearing heels (to work! at a retail store!) and she noticed my large pile of jeans and offered to help me. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I’m not embarrassed to tell someone my pant size or ask for help, so I did both those things.

This girl hooked me up. I bought (whoops!) my most favorite pair of jeans in the world and I wear them as much as possible. I swear I drop 10 pounds every time I zip them up. But I need another pair… in a different color… so I don’t wear the same pair multiple times a week.

Sorry, I said need. I meant, I want. I want another pair. And that’s why I haven’t bought any… yet.

4. A Michael Kors Watch

I’m not super into name brands — I don’t feel like I need name brand clothes and accessories to look good. But, for as long as I can remember, I have coveted Michael Kors watches. They are beautiful and classy and so expensive. Sometimes I head on over to the internet and do a search and just stare at the watches.

Tell me these aren’t incredible:

mk mk2 mk3

Those are just three of the 21973129873 trillion I’d like to buy.

Go browse the site and try to disagree.


These are just four things I would buy if I had an unlimited budget… there are many more things. But, it’s nice to look and hope and save. I will probably end up with new jeans and a new fitness tracker at some point. The laptop will take some extra-budgeting. But, rest assured, as soon as I’m published, I’ll be buying all the Michael Kors watches on that site.


3 thoughts on “4 Things I’d Buy If I Could Buy Things

    • I would definitely get the newest version you can of the Surface. I really like it a lot as a tablet because it really can act as a laptop… and you can carry it around easier and all that. But I would definitely prefer a laptop for most things — especially with the blog — it’s just easier on a big screen. But not impossible on the Surface!

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