Fitness Fridays (Super Easy Fish Tacos)

First off, I have not forgotten about the November goals. We are gonna recap those next week.

This week, I am going to show you how to make super easy… actually so easy, it’s embarrassing… but so good you will think it was hard… fish tacos.  Also know that I HATE fish, like if it tastes like fish then, just, no. So, if I am doing a fish recipe, it has to be good.

This is super easy and I take some shortcuts with it so it’s great for a busy night.

What You Need:

  • Frozen fish (I use tilapia and I usually cook five pieces for my family of four).
  • Shredded lettuce (I buy it already shredded- it saves time).
  • Salsa (sometimes I make it fresh and other times I buy it).
  • A vessel for your tacos :aka a ‘wrap’ in our house. (I have used all kinds of things, like whole wheat tortillas.. or whatever else you have in the house.)
  • Lime juice (again, I usually have some in a bottle, but, use fresh if you want).
  • Seasonings of choice. (When I first started cooking I hated the directions “use your favorite seasonings”. I did not have any favorite seasonings I had no idea what I was doing. I mean I hardly do now. So here is what I use with fish tacos the most often: garlic powder  and salt-free Tony Chachere’s seasoning*.)

* this gets rid of that fish taste. If you like that fishy taste then go easy on this seasoning; it also has some heat so be aware.

Ok, so pretty easy so far:

Here is All You Do:

  1. Place frozen fish in a pan with oil over medium heat. Use a heart healthy oil. I typically use safe flower oil. It can be found with all the cooking oils at pretty much every store (no crazy health food store needed).  Turn the fish a few times while cooking. It doesn’t take long. If they start to break apart it’s okay.

    fish in pan

    frozen fish in pan, nothing too tricky

  2. When your fish is done, chop it all up in the pan.
  3. Add your seasonings to your fish and stir.
  4. Place fish in a warmed wrap top it with lettuce, lime juice and salsa.

    wrap that I toasted for a few minutes in the oven.

    Wrap that I toasted for a few minutes in the oven.

  5. That’s it. You’re done. Pair it with some veggies, like maybe green beans or broccoli. Really, that’s it.  Both my kids eat these. I think it’s because the fish is all chopped up and…. they like pretty much anything I turn into a taco.
Ok so I realize this is not a taco. It is a bowl of food. It appears I would make a HORRIBLE food blogger.  Hang with me and I will explain below.,

Ok, so I realize this is not a taco. It is a bowl of food. It appears I would make a HORRIBLE food blogger. Hang with me and I will explain below.

So, I wrote this post thinking I made fish tacos the other night and took pictures. Then, when it came time to insert said pictures at the last minute, I remembered I turned mine into nachos. The kids did have theirs in a “taco” form though. Instead of rewriting I am going to spin this as a two-for-one deal. Now you know how to make fish tacos and fish nachos. Both are super tasty and super easy.   Under my chopped up fish is shredded lettuce, just in case you wondered. Last tip: the Wal-mart brand corn salsa is GREAT!

When I first started trying to cook better for the family it seemed like everyone just knew how to make stuff healthier. Like, it was common sense what oil to use. Well, it’s not for most people, and while information is easy to come by online it is often times overwhelming. Hopefully this easy recipe can go into your family’s healthier recipe rotation.  Plus, This recipe is so easy to modify as I have shown due to poor blogging planning! So have fun with it!











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