Fitness Fridays (I Hate Car Rides… and How to Make Healthy Dinners Without an Oven)

Christmas count down is in full effect here at my house which means stress is at a 10+.

I did not love long car rides before having kids and now, with a 2 and 4 year old, I would say my hate for them has grown. I hate sitting still, I hate driving, I hate radio stations, I hate stopping while going from point A to point B (it just make the trip even longer). I can’t read it, makes me sick, I can’t really do anything in the car, and pretty much I just hate car tripping.

Sorry,I know that makes me not cool, but it’s the truth..

So, to add to the stress of the impending 5+ hour long car ride, our oven made a loud noise and stopped working like two days ago!!

I know. Full panic. How will I ever broil wraps into chips? How is Santa ever going to get his cookies? Awww, the holiday season… Also, if you are wondering, that bit about the car earlier had nothing to do with fitness or this post in general, I was just complaining.

So, I had to get full-creative this week to save us from pizza every night.

Below are 5 great ways I made dinner without an oven. Enjoy!!

1. Crockpot Meat Loaf

Actually, this is what I had just put in the oven when it went boom! I took the recipe from here. Of course, I can’t follow anything exactly, so I used brown rice instead of quinoa. Apparently a cold oven will not cook a meatloaf, so I put that bad boy in the crock on low for about 6 hours. It was AMAZING! I may never cook meatloaf in the oven again.


This picture is used from You know my food pictures do not look like this!

2. Easiest Ever Chicken and Salsa

4 frozen chicken breasts
1 jar of salsa
Crock pot low for 6 hours
Shred chicken and serve on wrap

IMG_1728not cardIMG_1732

3. Chicken soup

Left over chicken from last night
Can of rotel (or just chop up a bell pepper and onion and jalapeños)
6 cups chicken broth
Put all ingredients in the crock pot, let it cook all day. Serve with cheese and a wrap for dipping.

4. Sandwich with Veggie Straws

Yep. Two good ole pieces of Ezekiel bread and natural peanut butter. Hey… the oven is broken… and I have everything to get ready to travel.


They say people like pictures. Yea, this bread is pricey, but really it’s the only bread my second child will eat.

5. Banana and PB Wrap with Fruit

Take a wrap, put PB on it
Slice a banana and put on top of PB
Sprinkle with cinnamon
Roll like sushi and cut into pieces

banana roll up

This isn’t my picture either. I use less peanut butter and a whole wrap, but you get the idea.

So, it’s gonna be after Christmas before our part for the oven gets here,

What are yall’s favorite crockpot go to meals?

I also like to take stuff and healthy them up. If they turn out good I will share!


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