FitnessFridays (Letting Go & New Goals)

I have run for almost as long as I can remember. I haven’t always run for distance, or for speed, or even weight loss, but I have run.

I can still recall my first runner’s high.

IFullSizeRender_2 was about 11 or 12 and it was basketball conditioning time. We were running laps at the track and I just started running, and then I felt like I could run forever. And when I was done running, it was pretty much best feeling ever. So, yeah, been chasing that runner’s high for, well, we will say around 20 years now.

With 20 something years of running behind me, I realize I have run for different reasons with different goals. I have run through happy, sad, mad, hurt,.. I have run through my parent’s divorce, my granddaddy’s cancer, his ending his battle with cancer, 5 high schools in 3.5 years, heartache in my 20’s, my engagement, my wedding, 3 miscarriages, becoming a mom, HARD life lessons this year…

I have run to lose myself and then I have run to find myself again. I find answers in running and I forget problems in running. I exhaust myself only to feel amazing all day after a run.


I may not have ever looked like a “runner”  and I may have never won my age class or set any state records, but I run. Isn’t that what is great about running anyway, though? When all the medals and races and personal records are stripped away: it’s just you and it’s just for the run.

I had a goal to run another half marathon this year. After two months of training and feeling mentally awesome, my body decided it had other plans. An old knee injury just doesn’t like the weekly miles it takes to condition for a half, so after much consideration, I had to let go of that goal.  To say I was upset is an understatement . I had to let go of a goal, and I have been depressed over this for weeks! I mean not completing a goal is bad enough, but to not be able to run is/was devastating!!! After I finished my pity party, I realized, the truth of it is: I can still run. I may not ever get another half marathon medal or finish a whole  26.2, but I can still run shorter distances.

I guess I needed to remember why I ran in the first place.

And, funnily enough, I remembered why during my run this morning.


Here is to a year of running for me!

And, if you have a running goal in mind, I have linked some helpful plans I have used in the past.

Hal Higdon Training Programs

Couch to 5k (or C25K as the cool runner types say.)


Questions about running? E-mail me at

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