FitnessFridays (My 5 Favorite Things to Eat Right Now)

So, the new year is in full swing and to be honest when the clock stuck 12 on the 31st, I really did not have a huge goal or resolution in mind!!! I know, crazy, right? Me: type-A, let’s plan everything out,  and write it out, and make lists and make everyone else get on board. With no new plan.

I had no big, super exciting thing to work toward. (Okay, I’m still bitter over the loss of my half marathon goal.)

I was kind drifting along…

  • Make food log CHECK
  • Sort of follow the food log CHECK
  • Go to gym CHECK
  • Sort of work hard at gym CHECK
  • Drink water most of the time CHECK    

That has pretty much summed it up for November, December and the first bit of January.

Then, bam! This blogger I follow has a challenge group and I think, yea, I like food and fitness and supportive women, sign me up.

So I did. And she let me in the group. Then, come to find out, you can try to get in this like 90-Day Harder Challenge Thingy, so I fill out the questionnaire knowing good and well I will never get picked. (I did not even have my sister proof read my answers.) But, then, I get in to the 90 day challenge group!

At first I was SUPER excited ’cause, duh, I geek out over fitness. But then I read all the guidelines and challenges and I was like….. Oh. Crap. I am gonna have to really do this. Like REALLY REALLY do this. No more pretending this last bit of weight will just fall off whilst eating pizza.

So part of the requirements to stay in the group (and have my ass kicked) is to log my food and hit my macros. I thought, okay, I will share my favorite 5 things I am eating right now and that are going to help me rock this 90 day challenge!

Without further ado, and the real reason you scrolled past all my ramblings:

My Five Favorite Healthy Things to Eat Right Now

1. Taco Salad in a Bowl

Ground turkey

Ok, I know you are like no, that’s not taco salad… Hear me out: ground turkey, onions, peppers, brown rice, lettuce, salsa it’s amazing…EAT IT!

Bonus information on the turkey meat: I cook like 3-4lbs of that at a time, usually with onions and peppers Then I freeze individual portions.  It defrosts in no time and is super versatile when planning meals.

2. Buffalo Cauliflower

Buffalo cauliflower

Sometimes I fancy this up and use wheat germ and almond flour to give it a fake fried feeling. Really though, most of the time for meal prep, I roast it and shake it in sauce.

Roast the cauliflower in the oven, then shake it around in some buffalo sauce. Super easy.

3. Sweet and Spicy Tuna with Brown Rice

tuna and rice

4. Grilled BBQ Chicken with Broccoli and Brown Rice

Roll Tide. Really best grilled chicken EVER! Why I married the man.

5. My Protein-Powder-with-Greek-Yogurt-Ice-Cream-Kind-of-Brownie-Batter Treat

protein icecream

Old picture from this summer. This one has cake batter protein. Apparently my favorite things to eat do not change much.

1 scoop protein powder of your choice (I recommend Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey)

1 cup greek yogurt

Put it in the freezer if you want it to be like ice cream (for 7-10 minutes) or eat it right away if you want it to be like batter!!!

Bonus: my breakfast every morning.

(Also bonus, I cook  a bunch of turkey sausage peppers and onions at one time. Then I just measure them out into my egg whites each morning.)


Egg whites with turkey sausage on top a piece of ezekiel bread. You know I had to throw some green peppers and onions in the mix

Happy New year!


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