How To: Survive Valentine’s Day

♥It’s Valentine’s Day. ♥

 Well, not today, but it will be soon.

Guess what? If you’re not super into Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone! (I mean… in that frame of mind. You might actually be alone.)

A study was done last year concerning millennials that concluded the following:

“After surveying over 24,000 girls ages 13 to 24, they found that 66 percent of them don’t buy into the marketing hype around Valentine’s Day and believe it’s over-rated, disappointing, painful, old-fashioned and lame. They actually said they’d prefer hanging out with friends over going on a romantic date.”

do-you-have-a-date-for-valentines-day-memeI’ve celebrated the day both single and not single, and I have to say that either way it’s definitely not my favorite holiday.

The boyfriend and I have tried to fancy up Valentine’s Day twice, and both times we were like… meh. Why do this?

We went to a classy dinner one year, spent way too much money, and got home super early with tighter pants and lighter wallets. No thanks.

Last year we went to the mountains. Snazzy, right? It snowed right before but we took the risk and drove up anyway. It was so icy and cold and miserable that we ended up playing cards in the hotel room all evening. (Which, to be honest, was awesome!) But we could’ve done that at home, for much less money.

I have some ideas for you guys…  some ideas to combat the typical Valentine’s Day nonsense.

They can be used as a couple or if you’re rocking your independence this year.  They are as follows:

1. Watch Netflix.

I’ll admit, this is my go to for everything, for anyone, at anytime. There’s really nothing that Netflix-LifestylePopcorn_zps294ac124can’t be cured with Netflix. Sick at home? Netflix. Can’t sleep? Netflix. Rainy day? Netflix. Single? Netflix.

For some good shows, use this list. 

If you’ve already seen all of those, here are a couple more good ideas:

  • The Men Who Built America
  • The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents
  • Friends (again, even if you just watched it… could it BE more awesome?)
  • Clueless
  • Silence of the Lambs
  • Aziz Ansari’s Comedy Sets

(Sorry, House of Cards isn’t due out until February 27. I mean… sigh.)

2. Do a Craft.

downloadI’m not super crafty, but sometimes I just feel like I want to make something. It generally doesn’t end up looking like a normal type of craft, but the process is still fun… if you involve wine, that is. Here’s some ideas for easy crafts:

Embroidered Canvas Art

Paracord Bracelet

Decorative Power Cords 

Mosaic Tray

Or you can always head on over to Pinterest (guys, you too!) and find, oh, about 56 zillion craft ideas. Just saying.

3. Have Food Delivered.

Maybe it’s just me (it’s not) but I love to eat. On Valentine’s Day you can bet your bottom dollar that every restaurant will be filled to the brim with couples celebrating their love by paying too much to stuff their faces.joeydoesntsharefood

Eat at home. Order from somewhere and have it delivered to you. You can even dress up for the event! You can look fancy if you want to look fancy. Plus, when you take selfies at home (versus in the restaurant) less people will judge you.

Just make sure you order enough for at least three people. Even if it’s just you.

4. Shop Online.

online-shopping-buy-all-the-thingsThis does break my cardinal rule of not spending your hard earned buckaroos carelessly online. However, again, Valentine’s Day crowds are obnoxious and no fun. Don’t bother even getting in your car. Open up the laptop and shop around. If you find something great, get it… because it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re shopping online so you either 1. are feeling super single and you deserve a gift or 2. are in a relationship but not doing anything super special for Valentine’s Day so you deserve a gift.

5.  Gym it Up.c843d1c78429e520a3db9a5aebbe75c4

Because, why not? The gym most likely won’t be crowded. You can have your pick of machines and weights and run off your frustration that this holiday even exists. If you’re taken, you both can go! You’ll feel accomplished and confident afterwards, and that’s always a positive. Most importantly, you then proceed to Option 3 when you get home and you won’t feel guilty about eating a large pizza. Or two.

Single or taken, the Valentine’s Day hype becomes annoying after 6th grade, and I suggest you don’t buy into it. If you love holidays and love celebrating then, by all means, immerse yourself in pink glitter and roses and crowded eateries.

If you’re like the boyfriend and me, or one of Beyonce’s single ladies this year, choose one of the aforementioned options.

Just don’t forget the wine. ♥♥♥♥


Well? Thoughts?

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