FitnessFridays: Getting Started, Part 2 (Lift the Weights)

Now that you can read the workouts and understand them (Getting Started Part 1) you need to be able to walk in the gym and actually lift!

lift heavy

I am going to get real basic and real…. real with you on this lifting thing. To be 100% honest, this post could be summed up with one word: Google. Okay. maybe two: Google and YouTube.

Want to know how chest press with dumbbells?

  • Step 1: Google chest press with dumbbells
  • Step 2: Click images or video
  • Step 3: Watch video or look at pictures
  • Step 4: Bookmark page on phone to revert back to while at gym

So, by now you may be like, well, that’s great and kind of sarcastic (that is really how most people would describe me) but I do not even know WHAT EXERCISES to Google, and what to do when, and how often, or how long, and how much weight….. ALL THE QUESTIONS!!

Okay, to that I say two things: Google and YouTube… Joking, joking, maybe….

It really can be SUPER overwhelming and I understand a trainer is expensive.  So I have done some of the work for you and found three FREE workouts online for you to try if you want.


→ Jamie Eason Free Workout (and Bonus Nutrition Plan)  

This is a great beginners plan! While you are on this website click around. Pretty much any information you need to know can be found somewhere on

→ 12 Week Beginners Program 

This program starts with you only lifting 2 days a week and slowly progresses to more days and specific body parts being targeted.

→Muscle and Fitness Hers Beginners Program

This program has great pictures right along with the workouts.


There are a TON more workouts out there. These are just three that I know are good!

e card irresistible

Do not forget to check out Pinterest and Instagram for workout ideas.

Speaking of IG, I have an account where I do post workouts from time to time, so make sure to check me out there.

Now: go Google how to lift things… and then go lift them.


Well? Thoughts?

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