Dear Planet: Get Your Shit Together

Everybody on this planet needs to get their shit together and stop acting like immoral assholes and stop murdering other people.

That’s a real sentence and it’s the most ridiculous sentence that no one should ever write but it’s 100% true.

I do my very best to not write about topical, controversial topics, although they have a giant affect on me and I always have lots to say. Just because I feel a certain way doesn’t mean you should. I’m not always right.

But, lately.

Lately, I’ve been (stupidly) reading the Josh Duggar news and reading all the asinine comments of people supporting a cheating, hypocritical, child-molesting guy who pranced around condemning gay people and preaching his righteousness “in the name of the Lord.” And it’s kept me pretty pissed off. I don’t know why I keep reading about it, but I do. I never really thought to write about it because, what’s the point? Blind religious fanatics are just that – blind.

But then, today.

Today on the way to work I witnessed a driver attempt to get out of his truck while yelling at another driver because of road rage. He was in a full fit of anger, flailing his arms about – a total loss of control. Over traffic. Just traffic. I could hear him screaming from two cars back. Luckily, the other driver drove away.

The fiance and I see this type of driving on a daily basis. We usually turn to each other and say, “Well, there goes the most important person in the world.”

Then, I read this news article.

I swear I felt completely wrecked and completely infuriated all at once.

To simplify the story, a guy got his feelings hurt by his co-workers so he just stepped on outside while they were reporting and shot them. Dead. Killed them both. When confronted by police, as cowards do, he attempted to kill himself, but he failed.

I had so many things rolling around in my head about the disturbing and sad reality of the world we live in that it just started leaking out into this blog post.

Let me say some things that I’ve wanted to say lately. Just in case you were wondering. Let me clear it up.

  • You are not the most important person on the planet.
  • You are not better than anybody.
  • The universe doesn’t care if your feelings are hurt. Learn to deal with it or check yourself into a mental facility. Period.
  • It is not okay to kill someone because they follow a different religion, are of a different race, or are just different.
  • If you hold a position of authority, you still aren’t better than anyone else and the laws still apply to you.
  • Your religion is not the religion that everyone should follow.
  • Your religion has no place in my government.
  • Nobody owes you anything. You deserve nothing.

I don’t give two fucks if you are a woman or a man, or if you are white, black, gay, straight, mixed, Christian, Muslim, confused, or any other arbitrary label that people are murdering other people over – stop this nonsense.

I don’t know who raised these self-righteous men and women parading around on the planet today, but shame on you. And shame on everyone who thinks their way is the only way, and who thinks they can act in whatever manner they desire because someone disagreed with them, or because someone is black, or because someone is a woman, or because someone said something mean to them.

Before you dismiss everything I said, because it sounds like I’m telling you that your views aren’t the most important, but mine are, I’ll clear that up for you, too.

Once upon a time, I was a close-minded 18 year old who knew everything about the world. I went to college. Everything changed. Other people had different opinions and were religious and had different backgrounds and – here’s the thing – I didn’t point a gun at them or drop a bomb on them because we differed in thought.

I changed, and I constantly change, and I keep learning and reading and accepting other people. Again, I’m not perfect.

But I most certainly am disgusted at the news that’s popping up on a daily basis. If ever I have kids, I will teach them all the points listed above.

Everyone else, though: Get your shit together.


Well? Thoughts?

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