The One with the Wedding

On September 19, 2015, at 6:00pm, the fiance and I became husband and wife at a cabin called Altitude Adjustment in Mars Hill, NC.

We had only parents, siblings, and Rafferty in attendance.

In a word, it was magical. It was magical because I didn’t deal with seating charts and registries and table runners and showers and flowers and whiny bridesmaids. It was magical because everyone there was truly happy and excited and loved both the fiance (now husband) and me. It was magical because I didn’t have to convince myself I was okay standing in front of a large group of people repeating vows. It was magical because it was about the husband and me, and that’s how it should be.

It was just magical.

The decision to elope was not really a hard decision. Initially, the husband and I planned to elope at a courthouse, or something small like that. Then we thought we might have a  reception here in South Carolina and invite everyone to that, but it was way too expensive. We love all you guys. Anyone who found out we were married and felt a small pang of sadness that you weren’t there: we were sad, too. But it seemed irresponsible to spend so much money on a party. For some people, a big wedding is their dream and they plan it and do it and that’s wonderful. The husband and I aren’t those people.

To everyone that was there, and made me feel incredible, and showered us with love and happiness – you made my day perfect. I can’t say thank you enough. To all those who weren’t watching – you really were there, too. We carry all of you around with us in our hearts and so all of you who have helped us, supported us, and loved us – we felt you there with us, too.

The husband’s brother and the husband’s brother’s wife acted as our photographers (which, by the way, was super nice and wonderful of them). The real pictures are still being edited and doctored and fixed. But I wanted to share some snapshots that other people took of us in hopes that everyone could see a small slice of what was the most perfect, incredible, and yes, magical day of my life.

(Don’t worry, I will continue to put up pictures as I get them. Because I know everyone loves a constant barrage of someone else’s wedding photos!)

Click any picture to flip through them all.



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