Writing a Novel: The Halfway Point Update

We are halfway done with November (what? really?) and I wanted to check in because at the beginning of the month I made a pretty bold declaration – I’m going to complete National Novel Writing Month and write 50,000 words in 30 days.

As of right now, I have written 33,677 words and, let me tell you, it is NOT good. It’s… in the shape of a novel (I think). My characters are a little flat and  some plot holes exist that you could drive a train through… but it’s 33,677 words more than I had on October 31.


I’m not saying that the novel is not good and secretly it is really good. I’m not saying, oh, this is just some pish posh writing and secretly I’m imagining selling the movie rights. I’m saying it’s not good because right now it really isn’t. It’s not good. Yet.

Because I am my mother’s daughter, I am 100% confident that come November 30 I will have 50,000 words. (The mom never quits. So I won’t quit.) It will be 50,000 words of a semi-novel that I will have to go back and fix, edit, and revise, but I am going to complete it.

Shout out to the husband and the mom for letting me constantly bounce ideas off them, and a super shout out to the husband for letting me stare at my laptop every day after work and pretend to be an author while he cooks and cleans and basically handles everything else.

I will check back in on December 1, but now I must return to the “novel”, because zero of these words actually count towards my total…..


PS:    #peaceforparis

Well? Thoughts?

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