9 More Shows to Watch on Netflix Instead of Partying

Hopefully by now you have worked your way through 8 Shows to Watch on Netflix Instead of Partying. You’ve had an entire year. No excuses.

So, what now? Still feeling old and tired and don’t really want to be out on the town in the middle of the night?

Fear not! I’ve got 8 More Shows to Watch on Netflix Instead of Partying all ready for you.

I had to spend countless hours watching Netflix to formulate this list. What an awful research project for me! You’re welcome.

What Else to Watch on Netflix Instead of Partying Tonight:


1. The Great British Baking Show


Watch if: You enjoy the Brits, like cooking contest shows, and don’t want to think too hard about what you’re watching.

So the husband vetoed this one on my list, but it’s my list, so it stays. The sister-in-law actually suggested that I watch this and I literally binged it. Watched them all in the span of one day. First of all, the British humor is incredible. Second of all, please notice the polite, calm and respectful demeanor of the contestants. COMPLETELY different from our cooking contest shows. And thirdly, prepare yourself to want to bake after you’ve watched it. It can’t be that hard, right?

2. Bones


Watch if: You like crimey drama type shows (think Law & Order, NCIS, CSI) and you’re a fan of intelligent and interesting dialogue.

This show can be a little cheesy and a little over the top, but it’s a completely different take on the typical crime dramas that you’re used to watching. Bones is a forensic anthropologist and watching her work and transform and interact with others is incomparable to any other character on any other show like this. There are 10 seasons just waiting for you on Netflix. Perfect for a complete and total binge.

3. The Roosevelts (An Intimate History)


Watch if: You have even the tiniest bit of interest in history.

The husband and I very much enjoy a good documentary and The Roosevelts is top-notch. It’s captivating from the first minute and you will legitimately feel sad when it’s over. (And you will learn about what a bad-ass Eleanor Roosevelt was.) Even if the Roosevelts or US History isn’t your cup of tea you really should give this one a chance. The entire thing is on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

4. Black Mirror

black mirror

Watch if: You want to spend hours in an existentialist frame of mind.

So, this show will get in your head.  I almost didn’t include it because it’s…different. The husband and I could only watch an episode every couple of days because it’s very deep and, at times, very dark. I suggest you watch it because 1. it’s always good to question things around you and 2. it’s incredibly interesting. Each episode is separate from the next; there is no linear progression. While I generally don’t enjoy shows like that I made an exception for Black Mirror and it was worth it. Warning: Be prepared for a small existentialist crisis after each episode.

5. Sherlock


Watch if: You don’t want to binge watch 4,000 episodes but you do like crime type shows that are extremely captivating.

So the problem with Sherlock is that each season is extremely short and we’ve been waiting around for another season for awhile. That’s the only problem. If you aren’t a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch then there is something seriously wrong with you. We are all somewhat knowledgeable about Sherlock Homes and Dr. Watson but this version of the classic takes the cake. (If you want to watch something about cake, though, then you’re looking for The Great British Baking Show.) Even if you know nothing about the characters and you’re a Sherlock newbie you should give this series a chance. It’s mentally stimulating and the dialogue is mind blowing. Enjoy.

6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Watch if: You want to be surprised at how much you relate to someone who was saved from an underground bunker. ALSO BECAUSE IT’S DELIGHTFUL.

I’m a fan of Netflix originals (aren’t we all?) but Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt does a stellar job at presenting a character who appears from an underground bunker that I watch and think.. hmm.. that isn’t too far off from how I am as a person! The casting for this show must have been done by geniuses. Give it the first two episodes to get hooked. It’s a different, refreshing, and entertaining type of comedy.

7. Halt and Catch Fire


Watch if: You want a dramatic approach to the introduction of computers to the common people.

I wasn’t too keen to start watching this show.  The husband chose it and I assumed I would be bored to wits. It’s a little over the top at times, for me, especially in terms of the juxtaposition of stereotypical women. Besides that one complaint I must say the acting and writing are spot-on. Brilliant. It’s also NOT boring.Season 1 is on Netflix, Season 2 is not.

 8. Fringe


Watch ifYou like science fictioney, timey-wimey, weebly wobbly kind of stuff. Also: JOSHUA JACKSON.

So initially I wrote Joshua Jackson over and over here, because that should be enough of a reason for you to watch Fringe… but just in case you weren’t in love with Pacey Witter I’ll give you a tad bit more information. All the seasons of this show can be found on Netflix. It’s about fringe science (get it? Fringe?) so be prepared to expand your mind to accept things that you previously thought were impossible. The plot has a lot of twists and turns so you will never guess what’s coming next. Also, if you don’t love Walter Bishop you’re dead inside. (Also, Joshua Jackson.)

9. Daredevil


Watch if: You like the superhero type shows and are comfortable with a dark, gloomy, gritty show. 

I’ve made it clear that I am a fan of the Netflix originals, and while this isn’t one of my very favorites, it’s definitely worth a watch. It’s a darker show, so if you’re looking for something lighthearted then choose something else on this list. It also wasn’t too over-the-top superhero for me – the characters were somehow easy to relate to, which I appreciate.  Basically a blind guy is running around beating the tar out of the bad guys. Also, he’s a lawyer. Casting is pretty good. You’ll recognize some main characters. Season 1 is ready and waiting for you.


Hopefully at least one of these will get you through New Year’s Eve feeling entertained.



Happy New Year!



One thought on “9 More Shows to Watch on Netflix Instead of Partying

  1. I totally agree with sherlock. Netflix is how I found out about it, even had a mini-party when season 3 was released on pbs! The Abominable Bride was AMAZING and will hopefully tide me over until season 4. If we are to believe what we read online, supposedly we are supposed to get season 4 next January.


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