National Blog Posting Month Blogroll

I know you will all be saddened that November has drawn to a close, and with it, National Blog Posting Month.

Posting everyday has been a challenge (mostly because I don’t have a laptop and use the boyfriend’s, which he is super awesome and shares with me).

I appreciate each and every one of you — for your support, your comments, and your likes.

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Rammer Jammer

Today is a great day.

It’s Saturday, for one.

For two, we are that much closer to Christmas.

And, three, Roll Tide.


Fitness Fridays (How I Fit in a Good Gym Selfie)

I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving yesterday! Our family for the first time did not actually get together this year.   But to make sure Thanksgiving food was not forgotten my amazing Aunts   (Hey Sissy, Hey Tootie!!!) dropped some food off.  So I am not in my usual food hangover today, but I think I will probably make up for it on Saturday ROLL TIDE!!! Now on to some fitness stuff.

If you follow me on IG,  then you know I love a good gym selfie. Research has shown that the more obnoxious the after-workout picture, the more calories you burn after a workout.

Ok. That’s not actually true, but, really, I think a lot of times a picture will show progress when the scale does not. I was going to put some pictures on here but can not get them to upload sorry y’all.. Just hop over to IG there are a ton!

Anyway, after having the boys it was apparent I didn’t like giving up time with them but I also REALLY missed being in the gym and having time to myself.  For awhile I worked out after they went to bed. This was hard because then I couldn’t go to sleep and my kids are early risers.

So, finally, I just took the plunge and joined the 5:00am club.  I do sometimes take the boys with me to the gym now that they are a little older. (They no longer scream until I am called to retrieve them). But, I always feel rushed when they are with me, so I try to always go before they wake up.  In a perfect week, my schedule is what I’ve listed below. At the moment I am liking lifting heavy and then doing cardio when I’m done. My focus changes with my goals. If I am training for a race (which I will be starting in two weeks) then running dictates my schedule. But right now this is what I’m doing:

Monday- Shoulders/Run @5:00am

Tuesday- Spin/Chest @5:30am

Wednesday- Off or Abs Circuit @ nap time

Thursday- Back/Stairmaster @ 5:00am

Friday- Arms and Abs/Run@ 5:00am

Saturday- Outside Run @nap time

Sunday-Legs/Light Cardio @ nap time

That is what I wish my week looked liked. In real life, what happens is: mostly HIIT workouts at nap and/or dragging the boys to the gym.  But  such is life as a momma whose husband travels for work. Trying to be the best me is what pushes me to the gym and pushes me to get up when everyone else is still sleeping. I am a work in progress but I am making progress!   I share some workouts on my IG account fitnessfridays23. I am going to try to do better at posting them I promise. ALSO, I am in the process of editing some videos so watch for those.  Next week I have show you how to turn cauliflower into some amazingness!


My disclaimer: I am not a professional/expert anything. These posts are just me sharing cool fitness stuff with you because I like fitness. Please consult a doctor or dietitian before starting anything.

4 Things For Which I Am Thankful (That Won’t Make You Barf Up Your Turkey)

1. That My Mom is Sarcastic

Our family… we have smart mouths. I mean, we sling around the jokes like it’s nothing, and we do it all the time, any time, and in any situation. We all have tough skin and we all have a smart-alecky comeback to whatever anyone else might say. If you’re aware that I don’t like you, and I’m talking to you, then rest assured most of what I say is meant to be ironic or I am being a smartass. If I do like you, and I’m talking to you, then most of what I say is still probably sarcastic.

I’ll admit, there were times in my life when this skill didn’t work to my advantage. The first time I went to the boyfriend’s house, I ran my mouth like I was in my mom’s living room. Then I realized: not every family enjoys biting sarcasm! (Plus they are basically the nicest people on the planet.)

Sometimes, on the phone, or at job interviews, or in random discussion with someone I don’t know very well, a sarcastic remark will slip out and the other person doesn’t know that I’m joking…which means they are offended and I’m rude.

I’m grateful, though, that my mom raised us to have a sense of humor. Good gracious, life is hard. It’s hard and it gets harder and I’m not sure how to cope without making fun of a situation or laughing about it. I realize there are probably other methods, but when the going gets tough for me, I try to make light of the situation.

My mom taught us that nifty trick and even though we are all capable of getting real with emotions, we tend to push past the hard stuff with humor.

2. That My Car Still Runs

I have a 2001 Jeep. Let me make myself clear: DO NOT BUY A JEEP. Guys, just don’t do it. I’ve heard that the newer models are swell and spiffy but I would never, ever own another Jeep.

I have a taillight that has been out for 5 years (despite numerous bulb replacements). The transmission slips like I ran over a banana peel in Mario Kart. The front speakers don’t work. The starter goes out once a year. Automatic steering has been replaced twice. I could keep going! But I won’t.

I am, however, thankful for the Jeep because somehow, despite all its efforts, it’s still running. Sure, we have to rent a car to drive anywhere over 50 miles away, but it gets me to work and the gym and the grocery store and for that, I am thankful.

3. That My Boss is Pro-Fitness

When I worked for the state, I let myself get super out of shape. I really, really, really did not have time to work out. That seems like an excuse and when other people say it I sometimes think – sure you didn’t. Or, you’re lazy. But I really did not have time. Sometimes that’s a real thing.

When I switched jobs, my boss gave me to go-ahead to use my lunch break to go to the gym. Guys, this has been life-changing and I seriously mean that. Every day I get to change into my gym clothes, head over to the gym, work-out, shower, and come back and, because of that, I am getting in the best shape of my life.

Some jobs are super strict about your 1 hour lunch break, so it would be hard to always be 5-10 minutes over your hour and get away with it. My boss, though, never says a word if my break is 1.15 minutes instead of just 60. He usually tells me to have a good workout before I leave and then that’s that. (To be fair, he’s not very talkative in general. But, he could easily enforce a strict lunch break policy and that would make working out during the day extremely stressful.)

I could go to the gym before or after work these days, and sometimes I do. But I am incredibly thankful that I have a boss who lets me fit my workouts in during the day.

4. That We Can Pay Our Bills

I have talked a little about budgeting, and money, and not having any dinero. At the end of the day, the boyfriend and I get up every morning, go to work, and make enough money to continue to live. It’s a struggle. You always wish you had more money, and then when you do, you have to pay for something else that’s not fun. (Example: student loans).

It seems like when things get better in one area, they get harder in another. But, no matter what, we have always made it to the next paycheck and all our bills are paid and we have power and water and food. So, although I’d like someone to pay me a million dollars a day (I’m still working on the plan for this) I am extremely grateful that we have enough to pay our bills and provide for each other.