Charts & Graphs for FitBit Charge HR

Here is how the FitBit Charge HR tracked some of my normal activities.


house cleaning chart

On this day, the only thing I did was clean the house. No gym. But it was a day-long, intense cleaning. I was exhausted by the end of it.



I ran for 2.73 miles during my lunch time workout.


no workout

I didn’t go to the gym or do anything on this day. I sat at my desk. The spike in the evening is when I ran around outside with my dog for a little bit.



This was a lunchtime workout — keep in mind I only have about 40 minutes total once I walk in the gym because I go to the gym during my lunch break at work. So, this workout chronicles a 1/2 mile warm up run, Abby’s Arm HIIT workout, then a 1/4 mile cool down jog.

HIIT Arms looks like this:

1 arms 2 arms



Here’s an example of the Sleep Log. You can go in and edit the times, if needed, to adjust when you were actually sleeping. I haven’t had to do this, it’s pretty spot-on. I slept without the tracker on while I was out-of-town, so that’s why there is a bar missing on the charts to the right. Totally my fault.




Anything else you’d like to see? Let me know!

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